Take 2 minutes before you make an appointment

To avoid unnecessary travel, we suggest checking that you are  currently able to give blood by doing the test below (it will only take 2 minutes). The test is by way of information only and the questions will not be recorded. It does not replace the questionnaire and the medical interview that take place before giving blood. For more details, please see the list of main contraindications.

If you have any questions about the test, contact us  0800 92 245 or send us an email to info@croix-rouge.be.

Please note: booking an appointment this way is intended only for blood donations. To donate plasma or platelets, please make an appointment by calling the centre of your choice during that centre’s opening hours.

1. Are you male or female?

2. What is your date of birth?

Have you donated blood over the last three years?

3. What is your weight and your height?

Kg Cm

4. Did you live in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) from 1980 to 1986 for longer than 6 months (all times spent living there during this time span combined)?

5. Have you travelled outside of Belgium over the last 6 months?

5.1. Have you travelled outside of Europe?

6. Are you pregnant or have you given birth over the last 6 months (including miscarriage or termination of pregnancy)?

7. Did you recently run a fever or contract an infection (bronchitis, urinary infection, etc.)?

8. Are you taking medication?

9. Have you been vaccinated less than a month ago?

10. Have you undergone an endoscopy (arthroscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, etc.) or an operation over the last 4 months?

11. Did you see the dentist over the last 7 days?

12. Have you had a piercing (including ear rings), a tattoo (including permanent make-up) applied over the last 4 months?

13. Have you already used drugs?

14. Have you had a new sex partner over the last 4 months? (with or without protection)

15. Have you had a new sex partner over the last 4 months? (with or without protection)

16. Have you had a sexual relationship with a male over the last 4 months?

End. Thank you for taking the test!

Based on your replies  - unless you have continued with the test despite being notified of a contraindication - you are allowed to donate blood. However, this online questionnaire is for general guidance only. At the time of the collection, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and undergo a medical examination ahead of the donation. Only the doctor is qualified to confirm whether or not you are suitable to donate blood.


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This questionnaire is for general reference only. It neither replaces the medical questionnaire nor the medical examination performed by a doctor prior to the donation. As such, it may be, in certain situations, that the doctor will not allow you to donate your blood, whether temporarily or for good, even though this online questionnaire says that you are okay to donate. More than anything else, this decision is made to make sure you donate blood without danger to yourself or to the patients set to receive your blood. Which is why it is important that you answer the questions asked in the questionnaire and those asked during the medical interview truthfully.